Varsity Lakes Race #2


Varsity Lakes RACE #2


Currumbin Paddlers had a good 15km hit out in perfect conditions at the Varsity Lakes Paddlers Series (2nd Race) Rick Finch, as always, was the Currumbin Creek Canoe Club stand out paddler of the day. Amanda Rankin took the title from away from Darryl Stenlake, while John Newton led Mark Rickard and Grant Epple to the finish line. Mark has retired his mask and snorkel deciding its much faster to paddle 🙂 

Di and Dave shone in the Tk2 collecting a couple of sucker fish paddlers along the way. Those lucky men got a free ride to the finish line while Byrson Cox did a personal best time in his Tk1.

Varsity Lakes Padders always put on a good event and we will be back. Thanks for a great day out on the water.  Congratulations to everyone who took part.