Squad Training




C = Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club

V = Location, Varsity Lakes

With increased demand to provide regular midweek training sessions for our members and to grow the sport a new program is now being offered by Chris Hurley, Peter Winton and Brook Cross. It has been named the CV Paddlers.


With the full support of the Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club Committee the club has launched an alternative training and boat storage facility at Varsity Lakes. This has been operational from the 1stof July 2019. The program being offered here is designed to provide novice to elite level kayak training/coaching for juniors and seniors.


This program aims to satisfy a growing need for specialist paddling training which neither the Varsity Paddlers Club nor our club at Currumbin could not provide. The CV Paddlers squad is made up of juniors, teens, opens, masters, ocean paddlers, marathon paddlers and sprint paddlers. Our sights are set on growing and educating people about our sport while having a good time.


If this facility and program is of interest, please contact Chris Hurley (0412 753112) or email Brook at cvpaddlers@gmail.com ASAP as demand is exceeding all expectations!!


Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club

CV Paddlers

Bay/Boatshed 1, Sports House

Christine Avenue