Clean up Currumbin Creek




2012 Clean Up Australia Day – Salt Water Creek, Currumbin. It was a dirty smelly job but someone had to do it!! In 5 hours Currumbin Creek Canoe Club members collected hundreds of beer bottles, discarded house hold items, car parts (even pulled out a whole car seat) car batteries, tires, fire extinguishers, old bikes, school back packs, clothing, heaps of plastic bags and ordinary old trash. It was UNBELIEVABLE the amount of CRAP we pulled out of that creek. It gave me the creeps feeling around the bottom of the creek with my feet. My imagination was running wild and I was always worried about what i would find. "Hey Rick another orange witches hat" was the quote of the day. We found a lot of those. Emptying all the beer bottles was the worst – its smelt like rotten eggs. By the end I also smelt like rotten eggs and was happy to have a shower to clean up. Well done to everyone who took part.