Preliminary ‘Non Point Score Handicap Race’


Preliminary ‘Non Point Score Race’. Saturday the 15th of February 2014

Below is a link to the spreadsheet for the handicap race series.  This has a worksheet labelled ‘Non-point-score race’ which has the results of yesterday’s race.  It was great to see so many competitors on the water, especially the big crowd of juniors. 

There is another worksheet labelled ‘For Feb race (on 1 Mar)’.  This has the paddlers’ times in order of handicap for the next race and only has those who raced yesterday.  For those who were not able to compete yesterday there is a worksheet labelled ‘Paddler comparison sheet’.  This is the list I distributed last week of estimated handicaps for everyone who competed in the last series but it now has REAL times for those who competed yesterday shown in black.  Everyone else is shown in purple.  Sorry if this all seems horribly complicated but I’m trying to give everyone the opportunity to see where they should fit in the handicaps for the new course.

Also is a link to a revised version of the handicap series race rules. There are some changes to these in light of yesterday’s results and suggestions from members for improvements.  I have adapted the handicap system to be based on 50 minutes for the course (e.g. paddler does 45 minutes, handicap is 5 minutes).  Note that the handicaps could change when the software package if up and running successfully.  Another revision to the rules is that competitors will have to race in at least half of the races in the series (i.e. 5 out of 10) to qualify for the series awards.

I have received a suggestion that every second or third race have the option to do two loops of the course, in other words 15kms.  It does my head in to think how we might adapt the point score to accommodate this but I’m sure we can devise a solution is there is solid support for the idea.  Please let me know what you think.



Jo Holman


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