Hi all

Another fun race day yesterday with thirty boats competing.  And I’ve found time to do the results more promptly than last month!  Please find the results spreadsheet attached.

The smell of Dave’s pancakes was so deliciously distracting I made a couple of boo-boos with my maths straight after the race so a couple of you will find your times are better than you thought.  If you think I’ve made any other mistakes I’ve not picked up yet please let me know.

The point score is even closer now with Linda Kenny leading on 25 points but with Natasha Eenhoorn, John Prince and Allen Satterthwaite all on 24 and Byron Humphries on 23, she certainly can’t rest on her laurels.

Thanks to Dave Kair for the great pancakes and to Grant Epple, who is the one who puts out the race turning buoy and lugs and sets up tents, tables and flag for us every race day.   Thanks also to Chloe Sterry for her help at the start and Renata Capalbo Grieve for her help at the finish line.

The next race is on Saturday 31 August.  Cheers

Jo Holman

Co-ordinatorCCPC Handicap Race SeriesIMG_1914