First Club Handicap Race for 2013




Yesterday’s less-than-ideal paddling weather did not deter our members from competing in large numbers in the first club handicap race for 2013.  In fact, 33 boats took to the course and, until the last turn, were all travelling splendidly but the wind-blown waves near the buoy at Winders Park knocked a number out of or off their boats.  As someone said to me as they finished “It’s carnage back there!”  Thanks to all who stopped to help the swimmers and well done to all for coping with it in good spirits.  Thanks, too, to Dave Kair for those wonderful post-race pancakes!

There are several worksheets – one for the detailed results of the race, one for the progressive point score, and one showing all handicap times for the next race in start-time order.  In the results, I have marked with an asterisk (*) the times for paddlers who either fell in or stopped to help.  As these times are not indicative of your ability, for the next race I have retained whatever your existing handicap was.

The next handicap race is on Sat 23 Feb.