2012 Queensland Club Of The Year


Currumbin Creek Paddlers Club – 2012 CLUB OF THE YEAR!!

We have done it again!! Congratulations to ALL the paddlers in our club!!! To win Club Of The Year 2 years running is an amazing achieivement and evidence of the great work that is being done within our club. 

Explain in detail how the nominated Club has made an outstanding contribution to the development of Canoeing in QLD. Have an inclusive open approach to members and the community.

Explain in detail how the nominated club:

1.     is active in the community to attract new members.

Easy to contact and good follow up to enquiries about the Club have been the goals of the Executive Team as cornerstones of prospective member experiences in the 2011/2012year. The beginner paddle courses and the introduction of juniors to structured training programs have both facilitated the transition to club membership. The Club has a significant junior membership both in number and in continuous individual improvement in competition. This success continues to foster member retention and so many juniors have again paddled in the 2011/2012 period in there later teen years. Club members have promoted club membership in a range of forums including and with strong relationships with local government councillors a key measure to promote activities more widely. The club pursues a wider membership profile and will seek to include paddlers from more craft varieties in 2012.


2.     has open and frequent Communication with its members, and encourages all to attend events on the competition and recreation calendar

The club provides members with opportunities to attend meetings on a monthly basis in partnership with the Currumbin RSL. Agendas are developed through member contribution and standing items reflect the key areas identified in the club’s strategic plan. Each meeting is followed by the chance to have a meal together at the RSL and minutes of meetings are provided to all members a few days post-meeting. Both competitive and recreational paddlers have a strong link with the physical sites of the clubs activities at both Palm Beach Currumbin State High School, Winders Park and in development, the Thrower House precinct . The Club hosts a monthly handicap event that has been well attended by members and aside from the structured training program, provided the chance for everyone to catch up over a post paddle coffee, BBQ breakfast and even pancakes. Members have also enjoyed Sunday morning ocean paddles that were usually followed with breakfast at the Currumbin Surf Club and provided yet another chance for members to enjoy each other’s company. Members chose to paddle in many of the QC and AC sanctioned events in 2010/2011 and many featured as medal winners in not only junior events but also in masters events in marathon, sprint and ocean ski disciplines. Two members paddled in the September 2011 ICF World Masters Cup in Singapore with Gold and Bronze medals achieved. Currumbin was again a strong force in the Northern Marathon Series with many individual category winners but most notably Club Champions again in 2011. These successes were indicative of the level of member participation in the competition and recreational calendar in the 2011/2012 period.


3.     runs in accordance with long and short term membership growth strategies, and offers professional development opportunities to members

The Club has met the challenge to both sustain membership levels and then achieve growth beyond current numbers through work to diversify the membership base. Camaraderie has always been seen as an important asset of the collective membership and this has been evidenced throughout 2011/2012 in both the support between and among club members to not only contribute to events but to also enable and assist in member’s attendance at events. ‘Team Currumbin’ has had a strong sense of ‘belonging’ and this was again fostered in the 2010/2011 period and has helped with member maintenance. ‘Come and try’ sessions have been well attended and the reputation of the training squads and coaching has provided a strong attraction for paddlers to take up club membership.

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