Wetland Wander Race



WETLAND WANDER, 21st June 2012

#2 Northen Marathon Series

Sandgate Canoe Club, Shorncliffe, QLD

It’s always a pleasure heading up north to Shorncliffe to paddle with Sandgate Canoe Club. Their annual Wetland Wander race didn’t disappoint even though it was a little bit chilly. From all reports everyone had a fantastic time and it was a well run fun event for all participants.
Mark Rickard had to uphold his reputation and perform his famous “Rickard Flop”. Marks fans and cheer squad felt let down by his lack of commitment in the Bongil Bash (#1 race NMS) where he didn’t perform his trick in the race, but instead while exiting and capsizing at the pontoon. Mark has gathered quite a following of admirers. I hear Daryl Stenlake and Sharon Kyme both tried to copy the great’s Rickard Flop but merely fell out and went for a swim. “It was like when a car stops to view and accident and then has one themselves” said Sharon.
Well done to all Currumbin Creek Paddlers!!!!